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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010


ASK THE DICK: Bicycle......BICYCLE: "I now have a new appreciation for my daughter Elizabeth who just returned from a nine week 3800 mile bike journey. Over the memorial weeken..."


I now have a new appreciation for my daughter Elizabeth who just returned from a nine week 3800 mile bike journey.

Over the memorial weekend I was retained to conduct a weekend surveillance on a gay male subject, visiting one of Massachusetts treasured Islands, for some rest, and to think about his failing marriage. When I took this job I was excited because he was leaving his car at the port only taking along his blue bicycle. I then proceeded to prepare my advance work which helps an investigator cover all bases before his or her arrival. I rented a room close by ( since the same B&B was booked), I rented a bike, and I arrived a few hours early to set up. One of the suspicions we had going in was that he would connect with someone on the ferry to possibly have an affair. He arrived as schedualled alone. I then sent my female partner inside the B&B where she confirmed that he checked in alone. My suspicions now dropped a bit unless someone was checked in at another location only to meet up later.

Note: Refer to my book " Happens all the time" for some tips on the smart way to be sneaky.

Well back to my original thought before I started blabbing...... This believe it or not was my first time in 20 plus years that I can remember my only means of surveillance was a bike. Let me tell you it is so much easier to sit in a car to conduct a surveillance. You may also ask why didn't you bring your car over and follow the bike this way ? Well a few reasons that I can think of would be bike paths, and the local police. Islands are small, and the locals who live year round can point someone out like me. With the police you should try to check in, although I don't recommend on such a small island because they can just be a hindrance.

So the surveillance went on for a day and a half and we got to hang at the beach, shop on Main Street, and sip a martini by sunset. The client was relieved and our asses and legs hurt like hell.

Another day in the life of a DICK......

Thursday, September 9, 2010

ASK THE DICK: Pizza Murder

ASK THE DICK: Pizza Murder: "Those of you local may have read about the pizza delivery man that was slain the other day over a few dollars and a pepperoni pie. It was ce..."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pizza Murder

Those of you local may have read about the pizza delivery man that was slain the other day over a few dollars and a pepperoni pie. It was certainly a heinous act but let's not forget everyone is entitled to a day in court. You also may ask why was this man covering up? why not let the people see his face? the families, the media. Well in this matter it is very simple there is a question of identification and the process still could be ongoing with several more witnesses having to look at line ups. It is human nature and very easy when you see a person in cuffs to say " That's him" You may also ask how can anyone even represent such a monster? Well this monster has yet to be tried and convicted and the system will do it's thing. There has to be culpability. This monster from what I have read has no criminal history, came from a close knit family, and was planning on starting college. Not your typical murderer based on my experience. Will this be a possible angle for a defense ? maybe or it could be lack of identification. It is to soon for DNA which must be in before the defense properly plans. The defendants on this matter are indigent ( can't afford his or her own attorney) so they are appointed one. There are only so many attorneys that are qualified to sit on this rotating Superior Court murder list. This Attorney more than likely got a call in the middle of the night or on the weekend and was asked if he was interested. I don't know the Attorney or his name but I can only think that he is taking it on as a challenge or maybe to get some added.

In closing, I have investigated many murder cases so I thought I would offer my two cents.Ask away.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Professional Witness

We live in a flawed society and everyone is nervous that they are going to be sued, accused, or maybe even arrested. How many times have you said in conversation to someone " make sure you have a witness with you" I certainly have and find myself doing it more often and not just in my day to day of my PI duties. This has inspired me to start offering "Professional Witness Protection" a service that will help those who may fear the worst or just want to prevent the worst. Could it be called a watered down form of security? yes, indeed, or just a service with less stigma of a security officer or bodyguard. The service will offer a trained observer be present and to watch...... yes it sounds like a simple task but it can be crucial if you have a potential situation at hand. We can be known or unknown....we can video tape or just watch..... it is a service for professionals at meetings, terminations, etc... It can be a service for people with custody matters, child drop, and any uncomfortable situation. Check out my professional witness services. This is a service of the future.....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Earl is he or isn't he ???

It was a crazy day in Brockton, Ma today with the threat of Earl. It has been a while since we have had a hurricane and this may continue since this looks like a dud. I remember Bob in 1991 and Gloria in 1985. I specifically remember Gloria because while we were sitting at the dinner table news 4 anchor Dan Rea came knocking looking to feature the all American family eating by candlelight lol...... I wish I had this footage because my dad was interviewed and having since passed away it is nice to have all the memories you can find.

Needless to say all I really did today was make a few phone calls to witness along with measuring a drug zone on a criminal case. In Massachusetts if you are arrested with possession and intent to distribute within a school zone it is a mandatory jail sentence. So as a PI we are typically hired by the defense counsel to check out the reported measurement by authorities.

Due process is what we call it.