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Friday, August 12, 2011


" Disclaimer " I am not an English major and never will pretend to be so please understand my use of grammar and my rambling thoughts.

What does On the Mark Investigations, Ashley Madison, Cougarville, and Cheaterville all have in common..... Sex ! Yes we all profit off sex and deceit but we have only one person "Howard Stern" to thank..... his vision that began back when I was still trying for second base on my 7th grade girlfriend has changed radio and marketing as we know it. Sex and cheating is now cool ? well spend a few hours listening to his show and that is the impression you will get. It's almost like its hypnotic, a constant justification for those who may be on the fence. Well we both were successful even though mine was a quick feel his has transcended into wealth and fame. The latest site I have found is that is genius in my mind..... a site that allows you the ability to expose the cheater WOW. I am not sure how it is done and how they verify if they are cheaters or not but either way people love this shit.... they are offering what people often call me for and that's therapy. Yes I said therapy, although loosely ....NO PUN.... I have been offering this up well before the birth of first web site that officially turned twenty last week.

My two cents.


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