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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Undercover work

In a few weeks Jay and I will be leaving home base to do some undercover work out west on an employee theft case. We have to play dress up in clothes we normally wouldn't be wearing and rig ourselves up with highly sensitive covert video cameras. It all sounds fancy but let me tell you it is just another case to me. Don't get me wrong it is certainly not your 9-5 in the office grind. We get to visit some cool locations and eat and drink on the clients dime..... OK why the fuck am I bitching lol...maybe I should just speak for myself since Jay is more the type to thrive on the food and drinks when I just want to be under the covers watching my new favorite show "THE EVENT" Have you seen it ? Great show what an actor Jack Ritters kids is but lets face it Jack had Chrissy and her bouncing breasts and not crashing planes and aliens... God rest his soul.....sorry just got side tracked with my adolescent talk...... Anyway I first gave "UC" as we call it a try when I was a rookie back in the early 90's working in the rug department of a store that sells "STUFF" damaged in fires. I had a real shift and a real paycheck so I could fit in and not to blow my cover. The work was hard flipping oriental rugs especially when one wanted one that sat on the bottom of a pile. What was cool is that I became pretty good at driving a fork lift and learning about rugs. This, all just to develop a closeness with the crew which included drinking at the local Chinese place after hours, and flirting with the female employees. All for what you ask ? quality control like stealing, sexual harassment, and drug use. Please these were kids all in there late teens and early 20's so what's a little weed if they are not doing it on property.... right....Guess I answered the question and that is there was no drug use and no stealing on my watch.

A report was filed and I went off into the wild blue pasture with some lost friendships....